Modafinil Dosage 101

I get a lot of Modafinil dosage questions, so I put together this easy primer 🙂

1. One tablet, once per day (usually in the morning).

2. There is no #2, it’s that^ simple. One tablet, once a day!

Modafinil does not need to be dosed according to bodyweight, height, or gender. It has a very long half-life, meaning it acts on you consistently throughout the day- there’s no initial high and follow on crash. One tablet gives sustained, smooth energy and clarity that will carry you through your entire day effortlessly and with focus. You can take it, without it taking you over- no need to time it several times daily around meals, no inconvenience. Modafinil can be a simple step in your morning routine.

There may be readers who want a more detailed explanation, and if that’s the case I urge you to read the extensive FAQ pages that Modafinil sellers have on their own websites. The super-safe, generic and cautious-person-friendly disclaimer here would be to say “blah de blah, discuss any medication you intend to take with your doctor”- you may already have done so, or you may not. I’m not a doctor. My personal experience, medical advice I’ve received, and research online has shown me that one Modafinil or Armodafinil tablet, once daily in the morning is a fairly standard dosage.

Some people, students who are often up late cramming for finals, long distance drivers and so on choose to take their Modafinil later in the day or early evening as an aid to help them stay alert and focused into the small hours. This is perfectly safe to do and is greatly beneficial for anyone with a non-standard sleep schedule.

As with any medication, there will always be extreme cases where the standard advice doesn’t apply, but I’m not here to cover fringe or hypothetical cases- that is most definitely a field for expert medical advice ONLY. The optimal Modafinil dosage for most people, who have no special circumstances or contraindications, is one per day.

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